Haifa-Nazareth light rail line is tendered

The 41-kilometer line will have 19 stations, park and drive parking lots, a depot, and a control center.
The deadline to submit bids is 30 August 2018. The line is scheduled to begin operating in 2023. After two years of planning, the Haifa-Nazareth light rail project is getting underway. Cross Israel Highway LTD published a tender to select a company to manage the ILS 6 billion project (EUR 1.42 billion), which will serve residents of the north and connect metropolitan Haifa with the Nazareth-Upper Nazareth municipal area. The project combines an interurban public transport system and a municipal mass transit system.
32 trainsets will travel on the new line with a maximum frequency of one train every four minutes. A maximum of 10,620 passengers an hour is projected with a planned speed of 100 km/h on the interurban section. Tram-train technology will facilitate travel on both the interurban and municipal section with no need to switch trains.
„Beyond the transport and economic benefit, the project will also have other benefits fitting in with the Ministry of Transport and the government’s policy goals: strengthening the north, developing the Galilee, bring the outlying areas closer to the center, and narrowing social and economic gaps in the Arab sector”, Israeli Minister of Transport, Yisrael Katz, said.
„This complex and unique project combines municipal and interurban public transportation – an innovative and developing format from a global perspective being implemented in Israel for the first time”, Cross Israel Highway CEO Dan Shenbach emphasised.

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