Grindrod unveils new cost-effective shunting locomotive

GrindrodJSE-listed Grindrod’s rail division has vowed to make rail operations more cost-effective in Africa, as Grindrod Locomotives unveiled its new, cost-effective fit-for-purpose shunting and short-haul locomotive.
The new GS7, launched at Rovos Rail, in Pretoria boasts 80% local content and will cut 30% to 40% of the fuel bill and up to 50% of the maintenance costs required to operate it.
The rail engineering solutions provider aims to use the new addition to bolster efforts to become a leader in the underdeveloped rail market in Africa by making operating short-haul trips more cost effective.
The maintenance cost of the GS7, which held 30% better continuous adhesion and an emissions Tier-3 engine, was half that of the mainline locomotives.
The new locomotive was expected to become one of the keystones of Grindrod’s ambition to become the largest rail engineering solutions group within Africa’s rail market, particularly as the company had expanded its capacity at its Pretoria-based manufacturing plant.
source:  Photo: Duane Daws

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