GRAMPET Group – Grup Feroviar Roman and Kazakhstan’s national sea carrier to connect Constanta and Batumi ports

GRAMPET Group – Grup Feroviar Roman (GFR) and NMSC Kazmortransflot, the national sea carrier of Kazakhstan, signed a Memorandum of Partnership during the Transport Logistics 2019 event in Munich, with an aim to open a regular connection between the Constanta and Batumi Ports.
“The agreement signed today confirms our strong commitment to this strategic alliance that creates a new route between China and the European Union. As we celebrate 20 years of pioneering and performance in rail freight & logistics in South Eastern Europe, we continue our network development on the European market, while pursuing new opportunities with our Asian partners,” Gruia Stoica, President of GRAMPET Group.
The agreement between the two members of Middle Corridor – Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR) stands in line with the Association’s objective to enhance cooperation and increase the flow of goods along the Route.
“There are many synergies and opportunities between the two ports, considering their strategic location on the route of major transport infrastructure projects, as well as the development potential for the long term,” Sorin Chinde, Vice President of the Transports division, said.

Gruia Stoica, the President of GRAMPET Group

The Batumi Port has a capacity of 18 million tons per year, 5 terminals and 11 berths. Investments in the port’s development amounted to USD 48 million over the past 10 years.
Constantza Port has a handling capacity of over 100 million tons per year and 156 berths, while investments have hit record highs in recent years and new projects worth a total EUR 1 billion have been announced recently.
In September 2018, GRAMPET Group – Grup Feroviar Roman joined the Middle Corridor – Trans Caspian International Transport Route, being the first European company taking part of the initiative.
With a declared objective to connect the Atlantic Ocean through the North Sea, to the Pacific, through the South China Sea, GRAMPET Group – Grup Feroviar Roman is one of the main drivers for the development of transport corridors which connect Europe and Asia. 20% of GFR transports activities are carried out at international level. The operator has partnership agreements with transport companies from 11 states (Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova Republic, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Germany, and Greece).
Grup Feroviar Roman (GFR) is the largest private railway transport operator in Romania, with a total market share of approximately 30%, and a strategic position in key industries such as Oil & Gas, Constructions or Agribusiness.
The Group is strategically designed to span the entire chain of rail transport solutions and products, thus offering clients an integrated experience at the highest level of competence: freight railway transport, building, repairs and upgrading of rolling stock, spare parts production, lease of rolling stock, freight transhipment, logistic services, as well as innovative IT solutions for railway operators.

*The Group’s companies Reva Simeria, Electroputere VFU Pascani, Reloc Craiova, and Electroputere VFU Craiova account for 100% of the rolling stock repair market in Romania.

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