Germany to implement EUR 6.3 billion additional rail projects

German Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer, has presented additional rail projects that are to be implemented within the next years, although they were initially classified in the 2030 Infrastructure Plan as “potential projects”. The total budget of the proposed projects is EUR 6.35 billion.
“We are putting additional rail projects on the track which will be a real win for our rail network and regions. Implementing them, we will eliminate the bottlenecks, create more capacity and provide the infrastructure for the German transport. Our goals envisage shorter travel times and better connections, including in the metropolitan areas,” Scheuer said.
A total of 44 transport projects were evaluated in the past few months and their cost-effectiveness were considered as an optimal roadmap to answer people mobility needs and freight demand.
According to the assessment, 29 rail projects are ranked with a “highest priority”, of which 22 are development and expansion projects, and 6 are railway junctions’ expansion projects, and one of the project proposes a measure n the use of 740-meter-long freight trains. “The projects received a very concrete implementation perspective and now can be planned,” the Ministry says.

Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG/Christian Bedeschinski

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