Germany to build high-speed line between Bielefeld and Hanover

Germany’s Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Enak Ferlemann, said the Federal Government plans building a high-speed railway on the 177-km long Bielefeld-Hanover route to reduce the distance between Köln and Berlin to less than four hours.
Minister Ferlemann pointed out that the authorities were considering the modernisation of Bielefeld-Hanover route to 230 km/h, but that traffic speed was not high enough to sustain the Deutschlandtakt plan which envisages the operation of trains at a 30-minute interval on main rail routes.
Consequently, the authorities plan the modernisation of the railway for speeds of 300 km/h. The railway will follow the route from Seelze, west of Hanover, to Porta Westfalica/Bad Oeynhausen, in the north-west of Bielefeld.
Minister Ferlemann also says that currently, the authorities analyse the feasibility of the different variants for this route and seek to identify the best alignment so that public consultations for this project could be launched in 2020.

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