Georgia to complete its largest rail modernisation project

By the end of this year, Georgian Railway will complete its Tbilisi-Makhinjauri main modernization project, executed by China Railway 23rd Bureau under a EUR 232.85 million (CHF 260 million) contract.
The project envisages the reconstruction of the 23-km rail section between Zestaphoni and Kharagauli, the construction of 38-km Khashuri-Moliti section, five double-track tunnels and two single-track tunnels. The project also includes the modernisation os the stations and substations and the installation of new signalling and communication system.
Construction works were divided into two parts. One part, which includes the renovation of rails and electric supply systems, is being carried out by Georgian Railway. The territory includes the Tbilisi-Khashuri and Zestaponi-Batumi-Poti districts. The second part envisages construction of new railway land flats, railway tunnels, railway bridges and other complicated engineering buildings (on mountain pass territory) and is being conducted by China Railway 23rd Bureau.
After the completion, the freight trains will run at speeds of 80 km/h and passenger trains, 120 km/h.

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