GE unveils IIoT edge-to-cloud connectivity solution

GE Transportation introduced EdgeLINC Software, a comprehensive solution for IIoT edge-to-cloud connectivity, with efficient device management, configuration and streaming analytics capabilities. The solution streamlines the collection of edge-level sensor data, enables faster, seamless aggregation and integration into other cloud and enterprise systems, dissolving the layers of complexity for transport organizations and operators.
EdgeLINC is already being deployed on over 1,000 locomotives by a major Class 1 rail in North America, driving productivity from consolidation of management of multiple devices and applications, and operational efficiencies from real-time analytics of train crew performance.
EdgeLINC enables complete user control over configuration, telemetry, alerts and leverages SAS’s Event Stream Processing (ESP) engine integrated with Predix Machine, Predix Edge Manager and Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions. EdgeLINC is capable of running on company’s GoLINC platform as well as third party devices, and supports on premises, cloud and hybrid cloud deployment and integration.
“When it comes to transpor and other heavy industrial settings, seconds matter. Operators require the ability to take action on their physical assets immediately, either automatically with a train adjusting itself or by human intervention. Edge-level computing and analytics are about giving people actionable information to better manage how the physical world operates in real time to improve industrial performance,” said Laurie Tolson, Chief Digital Officer, GE Transportation.
“An edge-first approach is increasingly important as we migrate to a digital world. The combination of GE’s EdgeLINC and SAS Event Streaming Processing enables enterprises to gain real-time insights and drive improved outcomes by harnessing the power of streaming edge analytics running on board connected locomotives. EdgeLINC moves away from static management techniques, with flexible rules processing for continuous updating and adapting on the fly,” explained Jason Mann, Vice President of IoT, SAS.

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