Gaziantep city will build two metro lines

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, in Turkey, announced plans to build a metro network between the city center and Karataș district, in order to relieve traffic congestion. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will establish a metro network between the city center and the newly developing Karataş region. The metro line will also reach the City Hospital.

Authorities said that the bidding process was started to prepare the precise projects to be applied to these two metro lines.

Gaziantep is a city in the western part of Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia Region.

It was announced that 2 separate metro line projects will start in the direction of 15 July Democracy Square-Düztepe-Karataş and Gar-GAÜN 15 July Campus, starting from İstasyon Square, where the traffic and passenger density is located.

Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin made these announcements adding that the metro line will be build in addition to the existing tram line. Mayor Șahin said that there is an intense demand for rail transport in Gaziantep.

The first metro line, in the direction of 15 July Democracy Square, will be 21.5 kilometers long while the other one, from Gar-GAÜN 15 July Campus, will be 14.7 kilometers long. The two metro lines will serve 22 stations.

”We have worked on this project considering the population density and the transport demand over the next 20 or 30 years”, Mayor Șahin added.

The picture shows the tram system in Gaziantep

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