FTA issues a safety plan for public transport

nycThe U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) issued a a proposed rule for the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan and a notice of availability for the proposed National Public Transportation Safety Plan (National Safety Plan).
The Agency Safety Plan proposed rule would apply to operators of public transport systems that receive Federal financial assistance and takes into account their size, complexity and operating environments. It would require that the Safety Management System approach to safety, which provides flexibility in establishing processes to address safety risks, be implemented in agencies’ safety plans. The proposed rule would also require transit agencies to set performance targets based on the safety performance criteria established under the National Safety Plan. In addition, transit agencies would be required to have their plans approved by the Board of Directors and perform an annual review and update of the plan.
Additionally, the Agency Safety Plan proposed rule would require rail transit agencies to include an emergency preparedness and response plan consistent with existing regulations. Further, transit agencies would be required to share their safety performance targets with Metropolitan Planning Organizations to aid in the planning process, and smaller transit agencies would be allowed to have their safety plan drafted and certified by the state in which they operate.
The proposed National Safety Plan would also set voluntary minimum safety standards for public transport vehicles in revenue service not otherwise regulated by another Federal agency. In addition, it would set voluntary minimum safety standards to ensure the safe operation of rail transit systems, including use and prohibition of electronic devices, roadway worker protection, work zone protections on mainline tracks and in rail yards, operating rules compliance and contractor responsibilities.

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