FRA issues new grants for PTC implementation

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced a USD 250 million funding for PTC projects in the US. Under the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), the companies may submit their applications for this financing in PTC Systems Grants to deploy PTC technology for intercity and commuter rail passenger transport, as well as for rail freight transport.
Eligible projects include from ack office systems, wayside, communications and onboard hardware equipment to testing and training for the implementation of PTC systems.
Until now, FRA’s financing support on PTC implementation includes USD 925 million in grants for railway companies, USD 1 billion for New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (for PTC implementation on Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Rail), USD 25 million available in competitive grant funding to railways, suppliers, and state and local governments.
As of March 31, 2018, fourteen rail companies report they have installed 100 per cent of the hardware necessary for PTC system implementation. According to rail companies’ self-reported data, in Q1 of 2018, six other companies increased their percentage of hardware installation by more than 10 per cent, compared to Quarter 4 of 2017. These companies are Altamont Corridor Express, Central Florida Rail Corridor, Consolidated Rail Corporation, Maryland Area Regional Commuter, Metro-North Commuter Railroad, and South Florida Regional Transport Authority.
The latest data shows PTC systems are in operation on approximately 60 per cent of freight railways’ route miles that are required to be governed by PTC systems. Passenger companies have made less progress, with PTC systems in operation on only 25 per cent of required route miles, up one percent from the previous quarter.

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