FPS joins Polish hydrogen locomotive project

Polish rolling stock manufacturer H. Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych (FPS) signed a letter of intent with PKP Cargo and mining company Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa (JSW) to join the construction of hydrogen locomotives project. The parties will cooperate in research and work on the production of new types of hydrogen-fueled locomotives.
“We are pleased we can join PKP Cargo and JSW in such important and innovative project envisaging the construction of locomotives driven by hydrogen fuel. This is an important step towards ecology, and innovative activities related to the use of hydrogen technology as a source of power for locomotives. This is also an opportunity for our company’s product development,” Hubert Stępniewicz, the president of FPS said.
JSW plans to launch hydrogen production on an industrial scale as the hydrogen can be extracted from the gas resulted from the coking process. Isolated and purified hydrogen can be used for the production of ecological and emission-free electricity, heat, can power transport means.
“Within the project, FPS is the third important company and its involvement will make possible the construction of a hydrogen locomotive. FPS has the necessary experience and competences to carry out the design and testing works. I hope that in the near future will be able to present the effect of companies’ work,” Czesław Warsewicz, the president of PKP Cargo said during the signing ceremony.
FPS will be responsible for the configuration and construction of the hydrogen-fueled locomotives and PKP Cargo will test the new vehicles. This will be the first stage before the construction of a Polish hydrogen locomotive.
“We strive to use coking gas for the production of pure hydrogen, which could also become in the future a zero-emission fuel for the modern rolling stock of PKP Cargo. The involvement of FPS in this project is essential,” the president of JSW, Daniel Ozon, said.
The project was also supported by the Industrial Development Agency, which is the owner of FPS since 2010. FPS manufactures various types and varieties of railway vehicles based on cutting-edge innovative solutions. Besides passenger cars including couchette cars, sleeping cars, restaurant and cargo units the company is producing diesel, electric and shunting locomotives.

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