Fourth construction contract for Rail Baltica in Estonia

Rail Baltica Hagudi-Alu section

Tariston was awarded the contract for the construction of the 7 km Rail Baltica Hagudi-Alu section in Rapla County including the construction of embankment, together with accompanying facilities and infrastructure. The construction contract for the Hagudi-Alu section is worth EUR 30.59 million excluding VAT. The works are scheduled to start in the autumn of this year and are due to be completed by the end of 2027.

The contract also includes the construction of the North Hagudi and South Hagudi cattle tunnels, the necessary access and maintenance roads and noise barriers.

“One of the biggest challenges on this section will be the construction works in the Hagudi bog, where the contractor will have to build a concrete structure of more than 600 metres for the railway line under difficult conditions with minimum disturbance to the environment,” Rail Baltic Estonia’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Rašid Pulatov said.

On the Hagudi – Alu section, the Kalevi ecoduct and the Sikeldi viaduct have already been completed, and the Kuku and Seli-Koigi-Alu viaducts are expected to be completed in July. The Alu viaduct and the Sikeldi animal tunnel are under construction on this section.

Rail Baltica Hagudi-Alu section is the fourth mainline construction contract awarded in 2024 by Rail Baltic Estonia totalling 30 km with a value of EUR 172 million.

In addition to the latest contract, “construction tenders are in the final stage for another 45 km, and we are continuing to move ahead on schedule, so that by the end of the year, construction work will be underway on more than 70 km, or one third of the Estonian rail route,” Taavi Laja, member of the Rail Baltic Estonia Management Board said.

In January 2024, Rail Baltic Estonia signed with joint bidders AS TREV-2 Grupp and AllSpark a construction contract for the first section of the high-speed railway’s mainline in Estonia.

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