FNM and Hitachi Rail Italy sign agreement for new trains

Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) and Hitachi Rail Italy signed an 8-year framework agreement for the supply of 50 to 120 double deck high capacity trains. The agreement provides for double-deck, bi-directional, fixed formation, 3kV electric trains with distributed power.
Under the agreement, the minimum guaranteed supply quantity is 50 different configurated trains with a total value of EUR 423.85 million. From 2020, Hitachi Rail Italy will deliver 30 four-car trains valuated at EUR 237.5 million, with EUR 7.9 million per train. They will have 466 seats and the capacity for standing passengers is 449. They are designed to run at a max speed of 160 km/h.
The 20 five-car trains have a total value of EUR 186.3 million, with a EUR 9.3 million per train. With a length of 136.8m, they have 598 seats with 575 standing passengers.
The framework agreement also includes potential to assign train maintenance services to Hitachi Rail Italy for a period of three years.
In addition to the Framework Agreement, Ferrovienord, a company 100% controlled by FNM, signed a first firm contract with Hitachi Rail Italy for the supply of 30 trains in short configuration for a total EUR 237.5 million. The delivery of the first trains will commence 20 months after the contract signing.
“The fleet renewal that we are carrying out according to the guidelines of Lombardy Region will enable us to offer a better service to hundreds of thousands passengers travelling every day by train in Lombardy. We know that a good quality service enhances demand; our aim is also to increase the number of people using the train as their means of transport,” FNM Chairman Andrea Gibelli said.
The new trains will be fitted with LED lighting, WiFi, 220V and USB sockets, passenger information system, energy meters, passenger counter, side and front cameras, remote control diagnostics, smart surveillance with “Anomalous Behavior Detection” technology.
The trains will be equipped with ERTMS/ETCS which, thanks to the highest safety standards, enable traffic capacity to be enhanced on the rail network.
For passengers with reduced mobility, train boarding is assured by mobile door steps to compensate for any gaps between the train and platform.
The train is also environmentally-friendly, guaranteeing 30% less energy consumption, lower noise, electricity recovery during braking, use of innovative materials allowing weight reduction and high levels of reusability (96%) and biodegradability (95%). The train is further equipped with bicycle areas and electric sockets for recharging e-bikes.

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