Flexity tram design for Zürich unveiled

Zurich public transport operator Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) presented a mock-up model of the new Flexity tram manufactured by Bombadier. In 2017, the two companies signed a EUR 281 million contract for the delivery of 70 Flexity low-floor trams, which are scheduled to enter service in Zurich in 2020.
“This exclusive VBZ model, unique to the city of Zurich, answers their needs and the contract includes an option for 70 more vehicles,” VBZ Director Guido Schoch said.
The tram’s design features make it an accessible, convenient, efficient, and comfortable vehicle. Its 100 per cent low-floors improve entry and exit for passengers and an energy efficient HVAC heat pump makes it environmentally friendly, while a driver’s assistance system improves safety for passengers and pedestrians. For convenience and comfort, passengers will be able to recharge with USB connectors, and an LED light system will indicate whether the doors are locked or released.

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