First modernized Pasazieru vilciens diesel trains to be launched in H1

LDZThe first modernized Pasazieru vilciens diesel trains will be launched in the first half of this year, while electric train procurement will have to wait, the company’s CEO Andris Lubans said in an interview with the LNT show “900 sekundes”, writes
He revealed that six diesel trains are being modernized at the moment.
VRC Zasulauks, Daugavpils Lokomotivju remonta rupnica, and Rigas Vagonbuves rupnica are the companies that are responsible for repair and renovation of Pasazieru vilciens trains. The renovated trains will serve for another 20 years.
The cost of the modernization project is EUR 21.978 million. A total of five three-car trains and one four-car diesel train will be modernized – 19 cars in total.
Concerning the acquisition of the electric trains, the financing from the Cohesion Fund is not available, Lubans revealed. For this reason, the company will have to borrow money elsewhere and under different terms. The current economic situation in the world also affects train manufacturers, therefore Pasazieru vilciens is still waiting for the right moment when to make the procurement.

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