First contract awarded for Sunbury line upgrade

Victorian Government awarded a AUD 215 million (USD 145.8 million) contract for the first package of works for Sunbury line upgrade. The consortium of John Holland, CPB Contractors, AECOM and Metro Trains Melbourne won the contract which includes the construction of a new stabling at stations along the Sunbury line, platform extensions and boosting accessibility.
Under the contract, the consortium will perform power upgrades between Sunbury and the Metro Tunnel entrance near South Kensington station, platform extensions at 10 stations between Sunbury and Footscray, wheelchair boarding platforms at eight stations and train stabling upgrades at Sunbury, Calder Park and Watergardens.
The total value of Sunbury upgrade is AUD 2.1 billion (USD 1.4 billion) and is expected to be completed in 2023, when the capacity will increase by 113,000 passengers.
The project will allow the introduction of the 65 new High Capacity Metro Trains which will run on the line when the Metro Tunnel is completed in 2025.
The new trains will be 20 per cent bigger than current trains on the metropolitan network, reducing congestion and carrying more passengers with every trip.
The Metro Tunnel will connect the Cranbourne-Pakenham lines and the Sunbury Line, creating space in the City Loop for more services across Melbourne.

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