First Bozankaya metro train to be unveiled next year

In 2018, Bozankaya has started the production of its own metro train that will be presented in the second half of 2020. The company is currently developing its first metro train which is expected to be ready for static commissioning next year.
The Turkish company is negotiating with European suppliers for different integrated systems, services and equipment, such as the traction systems, needed for construction of the metro train.
On metro sector, Bozankaya and Siemens Mobility have supplied 22 four-car metro trains. The first vehicle was delivered 25 months after signing the contract, in June 2018, from the Bozankaya factory in Ankara. They are currently serving on Bangkok Green Line. The Turkish company have also delivered 105 car bodies to Siemens Mobility for a second customer in Bangkok.
For the Bangkok project and many other more, Bozankaya has invested more than EUR 50 million in its Ankara plant, for the construction and extension of the most modern and biggest rolling stock and systems’ factory in Turkey. The production facility has a total surface of 100.000m2 integrating its proprietary technology with its partner’s world-class components. The company has developed the complete new interior design and is carrying out all production steps from car body production up to static commissioning.
Under the signed contracts, until now, Bozankaya has delivered over 4000 railway vehicles, consisting of trams, trambuses and metros. The company has a capacity production of 288 tram, LRV and metro cars per year.
In 2014, the company won a contract for the supply of 31 bi-directional trams to Kayseri, being the first 100% low-floor tram in Turkey and commercialised to the Turkish city. The first tram was delivered after 21 months from contract signing and completed the deliveries within 36 months.
Bozankaya has strategic plans to enter Eastern European urban rail market. A success on this strategy was the recent EUR 33 million contract signed for the supply of 16 five-car low-floor trams to Timisoara, a city in Western Romania. The contract includes an option for 24 additional vehicles valuated at EUR 49.5 million. The total value of the contract is EUR 80 million. The company will start the delivery within 18 months, and it is expected to complete it within 48 months. The new Timisoara trams will be equipped with traction batteries for more than 60 km’s of catenary-free autonomous drive. Even in case of power cuts, the trams will not stop.

Bozankaya was the Networking Partner at Railway Days Investment Summit, held on 8-9 October in Bucharest. Railway PRO was the event’s main Media Partner.

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