Final contract for Feltham-Wokingham resignalling programme awarded

Feltham – Wokingham resignalling Network Rail awarded Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, a GBP 23 million (EUR 26.9 million) contract to deliver the final phase of the Feltham – Wokingham resignalling scheme.

The company will be responsible to design, test and install new signalling equipment for the fifth and final stage of the Feltham – Wokingham programme. The works are expected to be completed and commissioned in April 2024.

The GBP 190 million (EUR 222.14 million) Feltham to Wokingham resignalling programme, outside London, covers 128.7 km of railway and 500 separate pieces of outdated signalling equipment which is being replaced as part of a commitment to transform the UK’s entire network through the deployment of digital signalling and train control technology.

Atkins has been involved at all stages of the Feltham to Wokingham programme including the successful 2019 commissioning of Phase 1 which used the first digitally enabled interlocking system of its kind. The phase of work, phase zero was completed in June 2019 with the commissioning of new signalling equipment between Strawberry Hill and Shepperton. The Shepperton branch line, controlled by the Feltham Area Signalling Centre, became the first in the UK to use the Atkins ELIX system (in 2019).

Phase one, in the Strawberry Hill area, was completed in Easter 2021, while the phase two, Virginia Water and Ascot, was completed this spring.

Phases three and four, in the Windsor, Staines, Feltham and Kew Bridge areas, are expected to be completed in August 2023, while the final phase five in the Wokingham area, is expected to be completed in February 2024.

Along the route, the existing equipment including signals, traffic light system for the railway and track circuits, dates back to 1974 thus it is essential to replace it with new signalling equipment using digital technology which will increase train capacity and safety along the network and will reduce the delays and costs.


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