Europe’s Rail JU awards System Pillar tender

System Pillar The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking awarded System Pillar Consortium a EUR 45 million contract part of the tender dedicated to the System Pillar and its respective three lots.

The tender will provide the necessary resources and sector input to ensure the pillar achieves its objectives set to contribute to a major transformation of the European rail system and allow the sector to converge on its evolution on operational concept and system architecture.

“The award of the tender marks the full kick-off of System Pillar activities. The tasks outlined in the tender will operationalise the role of a single coordinating body of Europe’s Rail, bringing together the rail manufacturing industry, the rail operating community and other rail private and public stakeholders, including bodies representing customers, such as passengers and freight and staff, as well as relevant actors outside the traditional rail sector. European Commission policy leadership and enhanced collaboration with ERA are essential key success factors,” Carlo Borghini, Executive Director of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking said.

Following the open call for tender, rail sector experts will work on the definition of the functional system architecture and concept of operations under three major lots covering System Pillar Core Group, System Pillar Tasks and CCS TSI Maintenance activities.

The Core Group is set to lead and monitor the day-to-day today work of the System Pillar tasks, provide content and guidance, manage the specific inputs and channel the necessary outputs to the regulations and standards. The Tasks group will facilitate a targeted, flexible, and rapid delivery of outputs, while the CCS TSI Maintenance Activities group will support the maintenance, including ongoing error correction, of the CCS TSI specifications.

The aim of the pillar is to facilitate rail as an integral part of mobility services and intermodal transport, to deliver cost efficiency in integration, maintenance and evolution of the system, increase the overall performance of the rail system and strengthen interoperability and market with large scale and faster deployment of leading-edge developments. Interfaces with other modes of transport and urban mobility will provide a multimodal approach to deliver integrated services for passengers and supply chain.

Europe’s Rail JU has been launched at the beginning of 2022 with a research and innovation programme worth EUR 1.2 billion. In March the joint undertaking launched the first call for proposals with projects worth EUR 390 million, co-financed by the Horizon Europe.



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