European Loc Pool orders 10 additional Stadler hybrid locomotives

European Loc Pool (ELP) and Stadler signed a contract for the supply of 10 additional six-axle hybrid locomotives, as part of a framework agreement for a total of 100 locomotives.
The framework agreement, which does not specify a minimum order, means that ELP can request additional locomotives.
The locomotives boast a power range of 2.8 MW in diesel-electric operation and up to 6.15 MW in electric catenary operation, as well as an outstanding tractive effort thanks to six powered axles.
The innovative bogie technology helps minimise wear and tear to the track infrastructure, reducing track access costs.
The hybrid locomotives can be operated on electrified and non-electrified lines. Switching from electrical catenary power supply to diesel or vice-versa is possible when a locomotive is moving. The hybrid locomotives are configured to German measures (15 kV + 25 kV AC and 1 x 2.8 MW diesel engine) and feature ETCS and a radio remote control.
On many European freight corridors, a single Co’Co’ hybrid locomotive will replace two Bo’Bo’ locomotives at constant train weight, significantly cutting the cost base for freight rail operators.

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