Europe-Asia container traffic to reach 2 million TEUs

Container traffic between Asia and Europe will increase to 2 million TEUs per year, by 2027, Oleg Belozerov, CEO of Russian Railways announced. A significant proportion of this growth will be along the Europe – Western China transport corridor, which is projected to see an increase in container transit shipments to 1 million TEUs per annum.
Within Europa-Asia freight market, Russia’s greatest growth would be for transit transport, as by 2025, the volume of transit freight turnover is expected to increase by almost 2.3% compared to the level of 2017, much more than the total increase in freight turnover of 1.4 times.
Russian Railways says that as a result of this expected strong growth in freight traffic, various measures to develop rail infrastructure have been planned. These include the updated version of Long-Term Development Programme which states that RZD’s own investment in infrastructure can amount to RUB 7.2 trillion (USD 115 billion) up to 2025. Taking into account the funds from private investors, the total investment amount will reach RUB 10 trillion roubles (USD 160 billion).
RZD is also involved in the development of infrastructure at international level. The company is working to develop the infrastructure of Ulan-Baator Railway, including to increase the attractiveness of transit from China to Europe via Russia.
Regarding the Western links, a new Eurasian transport corridor is under consideration as one of the priority long-term directions is the construction of the 1520-railway line to Bratislava and Vienna.

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