EUR 725 million for railway projects in Upper Austria

ÖBB and Upper Austria (Land Oberösterreich) agreed on a EUR 725 million investment programme for the electrification and modernisation of the railway lines and upgrade works on the existing railway stations. The programme will be implemented until 2030.
“This infrastructure package will increase rail passenger market share. The modernisation of the infrastructure and railway stations will provide attractive transport services on regional routes and will serve as a feeder to long-distance traffic,” ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä said.
An essential element of the investment package is the expansion of the regional routes, as it is planned to massively invest in 7 routes.
“Investing in public transport is a sustainable future investment and makes an effective contribution to climate protection. As an economically strong federal state, Upper Austria also needs a strong infrastructure network that meets the increasing demands of freight and passenger traffic. And not only in the central area, but also in the regions of our state,” Thomas Stelzer, the Governor of Upper Austria said at the signing ceremony.
Under the plans, ÖBB will retain the ownership of all regional lines, excepting the Haiding – Aschach an der Donau route which will be transferred to the State of Upper Austria starting January 2021.
For the other routes, the programme envisages four-track lines on Linz-Wels route, the electrification of 4 lines and the conversion and upgrade of 58 stations.
The 37-km Mattigtalbahn line, from Steindorf to Braunau will be modernised and electrified including modernisation of such as Braunau and Friedburg.
The Hausruckbahn line, from Attnang-Puchheim to Schärding (66 km) will also be modernized and electrified by 2029. Station modernisation works (such as Braunau, Ried, Hagenau im Innkreis stations) will be also carried out.
The Mühlkreis line, from Linz to Aigen-Schlägl will be modernised and electrification works will be performed to Kleinzell.
The 30-km Almtal line, from Wels to Grünau will be modernised and electrified between Wels and Sattledt until 2030.
On Summerauer line, from Linz to Summerau, modernisation works will be implemented for capacity increase. Renovation works will include the existing stations such as Frankstrasse, Steyregg, Pulgarn, St. Georgen / Gusen, Lungitz, Gaisbach / Wartberg, Kefermarkt, Pregarten, Freistadt, Summerau.
The Donauufer line, from Linz to Sarmingstein will be modernised, including electrification works to St. Nicola. Perg Schulzentrum, Baumgartenberg and Dornach stations will be modernised.
As part of the infrastructure package, 86 stations and stops were identified for modernisation works which include an increased access level.

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