EUR 690 million funding approved for European railway projects

Through the Cohesion Fund, an investment of more than EUR 690 million was approved by the European Commission to fund railway and urban railway projects across four Member States. This funding is part of a EUR 1.4 billion investment package which will support 14 large infrastructure projects in seven Member States.

EUR 119.3 million will be provided to Croatia’s state-owned rail passenger operator for the acquisition of 21 EMUs.

Poland has received EUR 199 million funding for tram and rail transport projects. EUR 38 million will be used to modernise the tram network in Bydgoszcz, in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. The projects will provide 350,000 inhabitants increased comfort and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The project will contribute to the reduction of traffic and greenhouse emissions.

Also, for tram system, EUR 85 million from the ERDF will support the extension of Olsztyn tram and bus routes and installing an intelligent transportation system. This way, more people will be encouraged to use public transport and congestion will be reduced with positive urban environmental consequences.

Additionally, with an investment of over EUR 76 million from the European Regional Development Fund, will modernise Poland’s four railway lines for a total length of almost 52 km in the Śląskie region. This will reduce travel time and air pollution while ensuring smoother rail interoperability and safety.

In Spain, for the completion of the Atlantic Corridor, EUR 265 million funding, through the European Regional Development Fund, will be provided to improve over 178 km of the rail connection on the 715 km Madrid-Lisbon high-speed line, and especially in the Extremadura, a western Spanish region bordering Portugal. This will benefit long distance good and passenger transport with positive economic and environmental benefits. This project is part of the TEN-T network’s Atlantic Corridor connecting South West Europe to the rest of the EU.

Portugal received EUR 107 million to upgrade Porto’s metro system, making city’s public transport more appealing, reducing traffic and pollution. It will guarantee safer, faster and more comfortable journeys for passengers.


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