EUR 250 million for Ukraine public transport system

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will provide Ukraine a EUR 250 million loan for the implementation of Ukraine Public Transport Framework II programme, consisting of municipal guaranteed loans to public transport companies to facilitate critical improvements in public transport infrastructure in a number of cities across Ukraine. The bank is fully financing the programme, that has a total cost of EUR 250 million.
The programme’s investments primarily focus on transport renewal through the acquisition of new trolleybuses, buses, trams and metro cars and on the rehabilitation and modernisation of public transport infrastructure including automated fare collection, automatic vehicle location and traffic management systems.
The country’s Public Transport Framework II will address critical challenges, including congestion, air pollution, quality of public transport services in urban transport development of the Ukrainian municipalities.
In 2015, the EBRD also provided a EUR 100 million for the programme, which financed critical improvements in public transport infrastructure in Odessa, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi and several other cities across Ukraine with prime focus on transport renewal and associated efficiency gains. This project had a total cost of EUR 107.7 million.

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