EUR 2 billion investment for Vienna rail expansion

ÖBB and City of Vienna signed an agreement to develop the railway infrastructure, selecting six projects which will promote the railway transport in and around Austrian capital. The investment worth EUR 2 billion, of which the largest share, of EUR 1.2 billion, will be provided for the southern route from Meidling to Mödling which will be quadrupled.

“The expansion of the public transport has always been a major concern of the city, because it is also a significant contribution to climate protection. A success factor for public transport is the low season ticket, but also the dense tram network, buses, U-Bahn and S-Bahn, especially in the surrounding area of Vienna. With this infrastructure package we are now entering the next development phase,” said Michael Ludwig, the Mayor of Vienna.

As the S-Bahn is extremely important for Austrian capital’s mobility system, “we had a one-third increase in passenger numbers in Vienna, and we now want to meet this increase in demand with the expansion of the rapid transit system in the city and its southern area,” Andreas Matthä, the CEO of ÖBB, said.

To increase the capacity and provide effective services, the plans envisage the expansion of the railway network, the modernisation of the existing lines, the construction of additional stops, and the modernisation of 12 stations.

In addition, feasibility studies will be developed to examine the capacity requirements and measures on Ostbahn to extend the S-Bahn 45 line.

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