EUR 1 billion tenders to modernise Polish rail network

reconstruction of the rail infrastructure PKP Polish Railway Lines has announced four tenders for an estimated amount of PLN 4.6 billion (EUR 1 billion) for the modernisation and reconstruction of the rail infrastructure.

The tenders concern the modernisation of line No. 104 Chabówka – Nowy Sącz and Ostróda station, line No. 6, on the Geniusze – Kuźnica Białostocka section – an important project for freight transport, and the reconstruction of the route Katowice Szopienice – Katowice – Katowice Piotrowice in Katowice agglomeration.

“The tenders for long-awaited investments are launched in various regions of the country. This is another step on the way to the goal of a safe, comfortable and predictable railway transport,” the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk said.

The tender for the modernisation of Line No.4 covers the Chabówka – Rabka Zaryte section and Klęczany – Nowy Sącz siding. The target effect of the investment will be the resumption of regular passenger connections on the Chabówka – Nowy Sącz railway route, increasing access to rail transport, as well as travel comfort and safety. The electrification works which will be performed on this route will promote the rail transport and will reduce the environmental impact. Under the project, the platforms at Rabka Zaryte station and Rabka Zdrój stop will be reconstructed and adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility. A higher level of safety will be ensured by track replacement, new control devices, and the reconstruction of rail-road crossings. A viaduct will be built in Rabka Zdrój, which will replace the level crossing and will significantly improve the communication system within the busy Zakopiańska – Podhalańska junction.

Regarding the modernisation of the siding, between Klęczany and Nowy Sącz, the existing stations and stops will be reconstructed and adapted to the passengers with reduced mobility. The investment also includes the replacement of the tracks and existing equipment, as well as level crossings and engineering facilities. In Nowy Sącz (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) the construction of two viaducts is planned to replace the two existing level crossings which will ensure safe rail and road traffic.

The modernisation of the Ostróda station, part of the Chabówka – Nowy Sącz line (on the Amber RFC), will include the reconstruction of the platforms, tracks, switches, overhead contact line and the extension of the existing underpass towards Słowacki. After completion of the investment the station will be adapted to better freight services allowing 750m trains.

On the Line No.6, the Geniusze – Kuźnica Białostocka section will benefit new traffic control devices, a modern control room will be constructed (in Sokółka) while the bridges will be reconstructed. The Geniusze station will be also improved providing faster services in Sokółka area (Podlaskie Voivodeship) and in Kuźnica Białostocka, at the border with Belarus. The project covers track replacement, expanded platforms to accommodate 750m trains which is important for domestic and cross-border freight traffic, towards Belarus. This project is important as will allow transshipment of cargo from standard gauge to 1,520 mm. increased capacity and more efficient train traffic will enable the transport of more goods using Polish terminals.

Reconstruction of Katowice Szopienice Płd. – Katowice – Katowice Piotrowice route will increase rail transport in Katowice area. Under the project, the suburban and long-distance will be separated by constructed two new tracks and three new stops will be constructed and four stops will be modernised to provide increased capacity. The entire project covers the construction of a 22 km double track, the reconstruction of 100 km rail sections and 140 engineering structures, while 133 km of traction network will be replaced. In addition, a Local Control Centre in Katowice will be constructed which will manage the rail traffic from Sosnowiec to Tychy (in Silesian Voivodeship). This project in Katowice area will be carried out using European co-financing from the CEF 2 under the modernisation and reconstruction of the rail infrastructure along the E30 and E65 lines.

These tenders are part of the PLN 11 billion (EUR 2.4 billion) investment programme announced by the company. Recently PKP PLK has unveiled its 2022 projects which will be carried out under the National Railway Programme and the plans for 2030.


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