EUR 1.4 billion loan for European transport projects

Pesa tram in Szczecin

The European Investment Bank has approved on 11 September a EUR 1.4 billion funding to support urban and international transport projects.
These includes upgrading trams in Amsterdam, metro trains in Barcelona and urban transport in Szczecin, as well as new investment to expand electric vehicle charging across Italy and support for digital and automated transport research.
Barcelona has recently announced it was selected Alstom to supply 42 new five-car metro trains, valuated at EUR 447 million. EIB will provide a EUR 205 million loan for the procurement of these new metro trains.
The city of Szczecin is planning a EUR 73 million project for the reconstruction of 13 km of tram tracks across the entire network. The project also includes the refurbishment of the Golecin tram depot and three substations (Kolumba, Chmilewskiego and Kaszubska). According to an announcement made by EIB in July, on the evaluation of the project, the bank would provide a EUR 28 million loan for tram system modernisation.
In addition, the EIB also agreed to finance expansion of Finland’s main airport in Helsinki and construction of a new airport on the Greek island of Crete in Heraklion.

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