EU rail supply industry proposes measures for a competitive sector

The EU expert group on competitiveness of the EU Rail Supply industry endorsed some recommendations which are addressed to the whole rail sector, Member States, the European Commission, European standardisation organisations and EU bodies.
The recommendations would maintain the global leadership of the rail supply industry.
The report covers ten policy areas including digitalisation, innovation, internal market, standardisation, EU public procurement, EU supporting mechanisms, access to markets and finance for SMEs, access to international procurement market.
The expert group calls for continued support for transforming Europe’s rail system, in particular through the development of the ERTMS, as well as through the continuation of an institutionalised partnership on rail innovation and research. On policy area, the report highlights a swift implementation of the 4th railway package and to further promote the use of quality criteria in public procurement.
Regarding the financial area, under the 2021-2027 MFF, the report calls for a strengthening of the EU programmes that support innovation and the deployment of climate-neutral, energy-efficient and user oriented transport systems, especially railway and urban rail projects.
The expert group is composed of forty-five members representing national authorities, trade organisations or national associations, rolling stock manufacturers, innovation and technology clusters and equipment manufacturers.

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