EU funds for the modernisation of Púchov – Žilina railway line in Slovakia

Hronska_Dubrava01The European Commission approved three major projects, for a total of EUR 170 million from EU funds, for the modernisation of the Púchov – Žilina railway line and the construction of two- and four-lane expressways in Slovakia. The European Union, through the Cohesion Fund, will finance EUR 171.5 million out of a total investment of EUR 274.8 million.
The railway modernisation is part of the planned upgrading of the Bratislava – Žilina railway track, which is a TEN-T Core network, and will allow trains to reach speeds of up to 160km/h. It also includes the reconstruction of the Bytča station and installation of new signaling systems.
The project is co-financed under the Slovak “Transport Operational Programme” under Priority Axes 1 “Railway Transport”. The co-financing decision for this project falls under the programming period 2007-2013. Slovakia has been allocated approximately EUR 11.7 billion in Cohesion policy funding for 2007-2013 and EUR 14 billion for 2014-2020.

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