EU funds for rail and road transport links between Austria and Hungary

01-ungariaThe European Commission adopted the new cross-border cooperation programme (“Interreg”) between Austria and Hungary. The programme is worth more than €78 million from EU Regional funds. With national “co-financing” included, it will be worth more than €95 million in investments to foster cooperation in the Austro-Hungarian border region.
One of the main points of the program consists in better cross-border connections, better accessibility to trans-European transport networks and the creation of new border crossings. The governments of Hungary and of the Austrian region of Burgenland have recognized investment in road and rail as a priority.
For promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures, the programme will receive €23.44 million. The objective is to improve cross-border connectivity and accessibility as well as to foster the shift to environmental-friendly transport modes. Actions include new road and rail linkages from the identified nodes to the main transport corridors crossing the programme region. Among the expected results: more road border crossings, decreased travel time to TEN-T network and better public transport.
The programme area for “Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary” covers the Austrian regions Nordburgenland, Mittelburgenland and Südburgenland, Niederösterreich Süd, Wiener Umland/Südteil, Wien, Graz and Oststeiermark and the Hungarian regions Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala.

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