EU funding approved for a rail project in Warsaw area

The European Commission has approved a EUR 128 million investment through the Cohesion Fund for the modernisation of a rail section in Warsaw area and to install the automatic protection train control system on a railway line linking the capital with a city located 100 km south of the capital.

The funding will support the modernisation of a 42 km Warka-Radom rail section in Warsaw’s area. The control system will be installed on a 92 km section between Warsaw Okęcie and Radom. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

The modernisation project of Okęcie – Radom railway line will be performed on track systems, including the track bed, drainage, and power supply. In addition, service roads, new or improved command-control and signalling systems, and station improvements will be built, with estimated savings of EUR 12.3 million year in passenger transport times.

In 2017, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe and the consortium of Strabag-ZUE- Budimex signed a contract to design and perform the construction works for the second phase of Warszawa Okęcie – Radom rail modernisation.  Under a PLN 216.7 million (EUR 51.2 million) contract, the consortium modernises a 19.3-km section from the Czachówek Południe station to Warka station, rail and road crossings, and will also modernize the Warka and Chynów stations.

The line is located in the south of the Mazowieckie region and is part of the comprehensive TEN-T Network, hence it is a key investment to better connect Poland with the rest of the continent. Moreover, the project will ensure non-discriminatory access to Polish railways for operators from other countries.

“This EU investment is a win-win, for people and planet. It will benefit passengers in Poland, including those with reduced mobility, with faster, safer and more frequent and punctual rail services. The increased integration of the railways with other modes of transport will bring environmental benefits,” Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said.

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