Estonia to improve rail transport in Harju county

Estonian railway company Eesti Raudtee will invest approximately EUR 75 million in track reconstruction and building of new structures in the western part of Harju county over a period of five years. The condition of the railway will be improved, various outdated technologies replaced and additional passenger facilities built. A good part of the sum will come from the EU Cohesion Fund.
The investments will result in time saved for passengers as a result of increased frequencies, modern passenger platforms equipped with digital information screens, improved access for passengers and better possibilities for freight transport. Replacement of components at the end of their life cycle and use of new materials and technologies will improve the safety and reliability of rail transport.
Works started this spring at the stations of Vasalemma and Riisipere and continued in the Udra-Keila section of the railway in the summer. Earlier this fall work started at the Klooga-Paldiski section and later this year work is about to start also at the station of Paldiski.
In 2018 track works will be performed on both the principal tracks of the Tallinn-Paaskula railway and at the sections of Paaskula-Laagri and Laagri-Udra. In 2019, works will be performed at the stations of Klooga, Keila and Paaskula. In 2020 construction works will be performed on the bridge of Paldiski Road, Tallinn, and in 2021 new tracks and platforms will be built at the main railway station of Tallinn. Simultaneously with these works the installation of a new rail traffic control system for western Harju county will take place.

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