Estonia to build second track on Pääsküla – Keila main line

Estonian Railways intends to build the second track on the Pääsküla – Keila main line that will allow passengers to travel from Tallinn to Keila in 30 minutes.
The value of the project is estimated at EUR 8.4 million and it might be financed by the EU, as the company planned to use European Commission’s EUR 75 million financing for 4 railway projects.
In a letter sent by the company’s CEO Erik Laidvee to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonian Railways would build the second track from 2018 to 2020. According to Laidvee, the project would allow for the elimination of a current bottleneck and increase capacity as well as decrease standstills on routes toward Keila, Paldiski and Riisipere.
“It would be reasonable to carry out this project within the timeframe of 2018-2020, as this would allow us to significantly cut back on costs compared to the project otherwise being carried out separately later,” Laidvee noted.
In a large part, the Pääsküla-Keila section already has a second track, and so it would be necessary to build just two additional sections in order to eliminate bottlenecks. The total length of the two sections is 7 km, of which 2.7 km should be constructed on Valingu-Keila section, and 4.2 km on Laagri-Pääsküla section.