Eskom-Agro acquires new hopper cars

hopper carsUnited Wagon Company will deliver Eskom-Agro commercial enterprise a batch of model 19-9549 hopper cars for grain transport by the end of September 2020.

The supply of the new freight cars will be made under an agreement on the purchase of new generation rolling stock, with the deal being financed by RSHB Leasing, part of Russian Agricultural Bank. The bank intends to extend its portfolio to finance new railway transport projects.

The hoper car is equipped with a higher axle load – of 25 tonnes and has an increased body volume of 120 m3. This makes possible the use of the entire car’s load capacity of 76 tonnes, including when transporting lightweight freight.

The hopper cars are designed to transport a wide range of grain and grain mill products, providing additional loading of up to 6 tonnes per car, compared with standard models.

Thanks to the higher loads, the car fleet size can be reduced by up to 15%, in turn providing cost savings on car maintenance and freight transport. The hopper car is compatible with all types of loading and unloading terminals, while the loading hatches provide for even distribution of freight inside the body and reduce load times.

“One of our company’s main objectives is reducing expenditure, including in the logistics of freight transport. The new generation cars are now established as the most efficient rolling stock on the market. We are delighted to be able to add to our fleet with UWC cars,” Andrey Sokolov, Director of Eskom-Agro said.

The improved operational reliability of the bogie allows an increased maintenance interval of up to 1 million km, of eight years. This compares to the standard models which are sent for their first depot repair activities after running 210,000 km, or three years after construction. Their subsequent repairs need to be carried out at every 110,000–160,000 km, or three years.

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