Ermewa railcar rental business becomes a single entity

ctcOn January 1  2016, CTC (Compagnie de Transports de Céréales) and SGW (Société de Gérance de Wagons de grandes capacités) became part of Ermewa SA.
With the merging of the CTC fleet, which is the largest fleet of grain railcars in Europe, and SGW, specialised in the transportation of material for the public works and building sector, Ermewa provides now to its customers a total fleet of more than 45,000 railcars.
With this merger, Ermewa holds a railcars fleet with more than 350 types suitable for various industrial sectors: chemical, gas, oil, steel, construction, palletised products, wood and food.
“The merging of these three railcar-rental entities into a single brand, already recognised in its business sector, will allow Ermewa to consolidate the services and added value it provides its customers, as well as its position as a key player in the European market,” David Zindo, CEO of the Ermewa Group said.

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