Elron requests safety certificate from ERA to operate in Latvia

Elron applies for a Single Safety Certificate (SSC) from the European Union Railway Agency (ERA) for the launch of an international passenger train line, which gives the right to carry out rail transport in Latvia. Currently, Elron has a unified safety certificate (SSC) for operating on Estonian railways.

“Operating passenger trains in Latvia and launching an international passenger train line between Tartu and Riga requires a single safety certificate issued by the European Union Railway Board,” said Elron safety manager Natali Aosaar . “The safety certificate confirms that the company’s safety processes meet both European Union and national requirements. Currently, Elron has a uniform safety certificate issued by the Railway Board of the European Union for rail transport in Estonia.”

The main processor and issuer of the unified safety certificate is the European Union Railway Board.

“However, he involves the national supervisory authorities of Estonia and Latvia so that they check compliance with the national requirements related to railway safety. Although we would like to expand our transports to Latvia, our operations in Estonia will also be re-examined,” said Aosaar.

After submitting the application to the European Union Railway Agency, it is evaluated, on the basis of which it is decided to continue the procedure and request additional information.

The Single Safety Certificate (SSC) is a temporary permit and is issued for 5 years.

In 2024, Elron plans to launch a passenger train connection on the line Tartu – Valga – Riga in cooperation with the Ministry of Climate, the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture, the city of Tartu and cooperation partners in Latvia.

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