Electronic procurement system for Rail Baltica tenders

Following changes in the Latvian Public Procurement law which came into force starting from 1 October 2017, all Rail Baltica tender applications administered by RB RAIL AS will be processed using a free of charge electronic information system and its sub-system e-tender. Article 39 and Transition provisions of the Public Procurement law of the Republic of Latvia stipulates that all contracting authorities registered in Latvia have to ensure submission of electronic applications and proposals for public procurements if the contract value is equal to or exceeds 135,000 euros for goods and services and 5,225,000 euros in case of construction tenders.
The Electronic Procurement System (EPS) is currently an alternative to previous application and proposal submission system in Latvia that will completely replace the previous system of paper proposal submission. The EPS will benefit all involved parties as it will reduce the administrative burden put on both parties as well as the related costs. The system will also shorten the tendering process and will ensure greater transparency.
RB RAIL AS is inviting its potential suppliers to register to EPS in order to access e-tender sub-system and participate in its current and future tenders. To use the e-tender sub-system of EPS, all non-registered users must register to EPS and create user rights to administrate the e-tender subsystem.


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