Eight Romanian stands to visit at InnoTrans 2018

In the period 18 – 21 September 2018, Berlin will host the international trade fair for transport technology, InnoTrans 2018, the most important international platform for rail freight and passenger transport, as well as urban and interurban transport.

The leading international trade fair for transport technology, subassemblies and components, vehicles and systems, InnoTrans has experienced a significant increase in the number of exhibitors from one edition to another. 2,955 companies from 60 countries exhibited their products during the previous edition of 2016. The exhibition area was of 111,984 square metres and the display track had a total of 3,500 metres. 96,8% of the 144,470 visitors in 2016 were specialists.

Eight Romanian companies/associations will attend this year’s edition of the trade: AIF – Asociatia Industriei FeroviareAstra Vagoane Calatori SAAtelierele CFR Grivita SAFlexibil SRLHiarom Invest S.R.L., RAAL S.A., Remarul 16 Februarie SA, Softronic SRL.

AIF – Romanian Railway Industry Association (stand 101/hall 11.2), is an organisation which supports and promotes public rail transport while representing the Romanian profile industry both nationally and internationally. The association organises the participation under a joint stand of five Romanian members such as SPIACT Craiova, Eximprod Buzau, Romania Euroest, Ronside Steel and Club Feroviar.

  • Club Feroviar is an integrated communication platform and organiser of events dedicated to the Romanian railway industry. The company’s goal is to provide information, market analyses and networking opportunities for railway managers, specialists and engineers. Club Feroviar operates as a source of news and business to business information for the railway sector
  • Eximprod Grup, set up in 1994, the company has constantly developed its range of products which today includes over 300 types of products with over 4,000 constructive alternatives, business units dedicated to SCADA projects, turn-key products, design of installations and development of renewables. The company provides general entrepreneurship, turnkey works, and products for electric installation in the 0.4 – 400 kV range.
  • Romania Euroest is one of the major players in the market of repair and modernisation of rolling stock. One of its reference products, the Electric Locomotive on Batteries (LEA 01) Li-ION, is dedicated to the railway shunting services on noninteroperable factory railways for a maximum hauled tonnage of 2500 t at a maximum speed of 30 km/h. This year, the company officially launched its new product, the first Plug-In Hybrid locomotive manufactured in Romania.
  • SPIACT Craiova manufactures systems for the command, operation and control of switches, electric distribution devices, command, protection and signalling, as well as rail track measurement devices. It also provides design, execution and repair of CED-CEM installations.
  • Ronside Steel benefits from experience and expertise in rail track construction and civil engineering. The company’s services include excavation, installation of utilities, construction and rehabilitation of buildings, construction of bridges, maintenance and electrification of railways.

Astra Vagoane Calatori SA’s (stand 204/hall 3.2) main activity is the construction and repair of rolling stock. The company has developed its technical capacity and covers all areas necessary for rolling stock manufacturing.  The company’s production sections deal with the manufacturing and testing of railway coaches, as well as the body cases, bogies and a wide range of components. Currently, ASTRA Vagoane Calatori has all necessary capacities to develop all types of passenger coaches of 200 km/h for international traffic, metro trains, trams, but also to provide maintenance, reconstruction, modernisation services for passenger coaches, as well as turnkey solutions in conformity with the customers’ requirements.

Atelierele CFR Grivita SA (stand 526/hall 23) is a rolling stock repair company with tradition in maintenance, repair, modernisation and reconstruction of passenger coaches. The company also provides maintenance services for a wide range of freight cars. Established in 1897 for repair of steam locomotives and passenger coaches. In time, the company has evolved technically and technologically and is now one of the top companies for repair of special passenger coaches for domestic and international traffic such as sleeping cars, couchettes, restaurant cars, historic trains and administrative cars. 

 Flexibil SRL (stand 601/hall 9) manufactures parts and systems for vibration-control and noise isolation; these are engineered using vulcanized rubber-metal technology and are used in various industries. Flexibil SRL offers its customers innovative solutions, customized and optimized specifically for each client’s application and requirements, via our departments of research, design, manufacture and testing of rubber-metal products

Hiarom Invest S.R.L. (outside space O/544; 545;546)- Hiarom Invest is a private company, established in January 2007, whose main objective is the import, trade, assembly and maintenance of Hiab equipment in Romania. To complete the Hiab equipment and provide the customers with the complete spectrum of solutions, the Hiarom Superstructure Division was established in 2009, dealing with the design, construction, assembly and repair of superstructures for commercial vehicles. We are in seek of continual improvement and we work with professionalism to meet our objectives. We are responsible for what we do and we have mechanisms that guarantee not only the control of our operations and results, but also the rewards to our co-workers according to their performance.SRL.

RAAL S.A. (stand 309/hall 18) is a dynamic company with fast evolution and its view on the future is to become an international player in the market of cooling system producers, also perceived as a valuable and trustful partner. RAAL benefits from its 25 years’ experience in manufacturing complete cooling systems. Thousands of projects fulfilled stand for the various range and type of construction, dimensions and applications. Such flexibility in achieving customer satisfaction is a testimony of RAAL’s commitment to reach high technological and research advancement. R&D team has the competence to elaborate programmes for the RAAL customers’ new products, fact that will make the difference for these new parts on the market through innovation and performance.

Remarul 16 Februarie SA (stand 205/hall 14.1),established in 1870, REMARUL 16 Februarie SA is present on the rolling stock market with more modernization services and repair of the rolling stock. The continuous adjustment to the market needs represents a major stake for our company in consolidating the position of leader on the Romanian market for rolling stock. The experience gathered during the nearly 150 years of continuous activity are a proof of the capability of the company REMARUL 16 FEBRUARIE to promote solutions according to the needs and requirements of the rolling stock users. With its own design – projecting department and production workshops endowed with equipment and Test Stands, REMARUL 16 Februarie is capable of facing the actual requirements concerning the projecting and realizing a wide range of rolling stock. The company’s achievements have strengthened our leading position on the Romanian market, having a wide range of products and services, as follows:

  • Constructions, modernizations and repairs for diesel hydraulic locomotives;
  • Constructions, modernizations and repairs for diesel electric locomotives;
  • Constructions and modernizations for Diesel Multiple Units and Electric Multiple Units.

 Softronic SRL (stand 304/hall 2.2)– consists of two companies: Softronic – manufacturer of Electric Multiple Unit Trains and Locomotives and Softrans – railway freight and passenger operator and also a leader in the locomotive rental business. Established in Craiova Romania in 1999 with the main purpose of modernizing locomotives, Softronic carries on the city’s tradition of locomotive construction. Being aware of the private operators’ requirements, we provide a bi-system electric locomotive, Transmontana, perfectly adapted for transport in countries such as Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Turkey etc. In 2013, Softronic completed its latest product, the low-floor, bi-system electric unit capable to operate at both 25 kV AC 50 Hz and 3 kV DC. The company’s objective is to provide a wide range of services such as: technology transfer anywhere in the world and also the development of another factory based on a strategic partnership. Softronic acknowledges the importance of its employees helping them to further develop and supporting their continuous development.

Entrance tickets can be purchased in advance from the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Messe Berlin representative in Romania. The price of a ticket for the entire period is € 25 and 1 day ticket of € 15.

Tickets are also subscriptions on Berlin’s transport lines.

Contact person: Luminiţa Constantin (E-mail: constantin.luminita@ahkrumaenien.ro; Phone: +4021 207 9164.

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