EIB to support Fehmarnbelt upgrade in Denmark

Sund Og Baelt Holding may receive an EIB financing, as the bank has under appraisal a EUR 200 million financing for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel link between Denmark and Germany. The project concerns improving the railway line connection to the Fehmarnbelt tunnel on the Danish side.
The EUR 700 million project consists of the upgrading of the Danish railway access line, between Ringsted and Rødby, linking to the future Fehmarnbelt tunnel.
The upgrade includes the increase of line speed to 200 km/h for passenger trains, electrification of the track, constructing a double track for the whole section and equipping the track with European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Level 2 baseline 3. The project is located on the Scandinavian – Mediterranean Trans-European Transport Core Network (TEN-T) Corridor.
The Fehmarnbelt link will be an 18-km-long immersed tunnel, and the world’s longest of its type for both road and rail.
The construction budget for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is DKK 52.6 billion (EUR 7 billion).
After 8.5 years, when the Fehmarnbelt link will be completed, the electric trains will be able to run at speeds of 200 km/h.

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