EIB to provide funds for Vienna-Bratislava upgrade section

ÖBB-Infrastruktur may receive a EUR 100 million financing from the European Investment Bank, which has under appraisal the modernisation of a railway connection to the Slovakian border.
The project consists of the modernisation and electrification of about 37.5 km of the current single-track rail line between Wien-Stadlau and Marchegg, at the border between with Slovakia.
Currently, the line is used to its fully capacity.
The aim is to significantly improve the journey speed and reduce the bottleneck between Vienna and Bratislava and consequently, enhance the Austrian part of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor.
The project route is part of the 65-km long connection between Vienna and Bratislava main train stations, including a 27-km long completely straight track section.
The works, which started in 2017 and will be implemented by 2023, concern the entire railway network, involving stations’ improvements, bridges, railway junctions, establishment of double track sections, construction of buildings and signalling and telecommunication installation.
The total value of the project is EUR 313 million.
The cross-border project envisages a double-track upgrade and the electrification of the existing ÖBB route, which runs from Stadlau train station to the national border at Marchegg and continues into Slovakia.
The upgrade of a single-track diesel engine route to a double-track, electrified, high-performance route under continuous operation constitutes a significant challenge. The track axis on a length of approximately 1.4 km will be displaced within the area of the entrance bend before Marchegg; the move is to occur up to 70 m to the north. Furthermore, the maximum line speed will be raised to 160 km/h, railway crossings replaced with under
and overcrossings or alternative routes, and transportation depots renovated and provided with barrier-free access points.
The project includes the renovation of 4 railway stations, 4 bridges, 6 overpasses and 5 underpasses.
The project is implemented under three modules. The first one (1a) includes a double-track, electrified, full upgrade within the Viennese section from Stadlau to the Wien Aspern nord train station. under the second module (1b), ÖBB performs double-track upgrade and electrification, section by section, from Wien Aspern nord to the national border at Marchegg, and the third module (2) includes the development of a second track in single-track zones.
On the basis of the train numbers outlook for 2025, operational capacity for the route may be significantly improved with the development of Modules 1a and 1b.
The entire project will be completed in 2030.

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