EIB to support Latvia’s EMUs procurement

The European Investment Bank has under appraisal the rolling stock acquisition project launched by Latvia’s rail passenger operator, Pasažieru vilciens.
The total value of the project is EUR 220 million, of which the proposed EIB finance is EUR 110 million.
The project consist of acquisition of 32 electric multiple units with capacity of 400-450 seats, construction of new maintenance facilities and stabling area.
In June, the Transport Ministry announced that it will continue its procurement for new electric trains, as the government supported the move in principle. The second round of the procurement will be launched soon.
The procurement of 32 commuter trains with 400-450 seats each was announced last year. The winning bidder will have to supply 32 new electric trains, and equipment necessary for maintenance of the trains, and train personnel to maintain and repair the trains.
Pasazieru Vilciens has received five bids in total from Patentes Talgo S.L (Talgo); Stadler’s Polish subsidiary Stadler Polska Sp.; Siemens AG and Sinara Group’s joint venture in Russia Uralskiye Lokomotivi; Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles S.A. (CAF); and Skoda Vagonka.
All five bidders qualified for the second procurement round.

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