EIB funding for Barcelona new metro trains

The European Investment Bank has approved, on September 10, a EUR 205 million loan for the procurement of new metro trains in Barcelona.
The project which consists of the acquisition of 42 new metro trains to substitute 42 old trainsets with four motor cars and one trailer car each.
In February, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona has started the tender procedure for the procurement of 42 five-car metro trains valuated at EUR 447 million.
In July, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona selected Alstom for the supply of 42 metro trains that will replace the older vehicles on lines 1 and 3. Under the contract, 18 standard-gauge trainsets will be delivered to enter services on Line 3, and other 24 Iberian-gauge trains will be supplied for the Line 1.
Under the offer submitted by Alstom, the French manufacturer will deliver the first two prototypes – one for Line 1 and the other one for Line 3, within 48 weeks after contract signing. Within 2 years, Alstom will deliver all 18 trains for Line 3 and within two-and-a-half years, the 24 trains to operate Line 1.
According to the specifications, the new trains have been designed taking into account sustainability criteria which includes lightweight carbody, low energy consumption, high recyclability degree and ease of maintenance.

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