EIB approves Slovenia’s GSM-R implementation

sloveniaMTEuropean Investment Bank has approved Slovenia’s GSM-R implementation on its railway network. The project concerns the installation of GSM-R system on essentially the entire Slovenian public railway infrastructure network -960 km.
The total cost of the project and the EIB’s proposed finance are not disclosed.
According to Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, the objective of GSM-R project is to build a safe and interoperable railway network.
The total length of Slovenia’s lines is 1,209 km. In 2013, Kapsch CarrierCom announced the supply of GSM-R technology on track totaling 1,200 km and will be responsible for maintenance and servicing. The contract was awarded to a consortium comprising of the Slovenian telecommunications equipment manufacturer Iskratel and the construction firm GH Holding with Kapsch CarrierCom. The value of the contract awarded by the Ministry of Infrastructure was EUR 117 million.

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