EIB approves loans for transport projects

At its first meeting of 2018 the Board of the European Investment Bank approved a total of EUR 6.5 billion of new financing for 36 projects in 17 European Union countries and schemes in Africa, Asia and Latin America. “New financing approved demonstrates the EIB’s firm commitment to improving education, energy, transport, housing and water needs and ensuring that businesses can expand,” said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank.
Among these, there are several transport project supported by EIB. The board approved financing for construction of the new Line 4 of the Athens Metro and trains for the new route, expansion and upgrading of Iceland’s main airport at Keflavik, a 7 km extension of the light-rail network in Morocco’s political and administrative capital Rabat including construction of 13 new stations.
New financing was also approved for financing a rapid transit bus network in the Senegalese capital Dakar, including construction of 23 stations and acquisition of 144 new buses. The board also approved support to upgrade the Great North Road, a key access route to Indian Ocean ports in landlocked Zambia.

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