EIB approves a railway project in Slovakia

The European Investment Bank has approved a EUR 115 million financing for the modernisation of 33 km of rail lines on Puchov – Zilina railway line in north-west Slovakia. The EUR 534 million project envisages the modernisation of Puchov – Povazska Tepla, Dolni Hricov – Zilina and Vah – Strechno sections.
The project will be carried out within different stages. The first one will see the Púchov – Považská Teplá completely modernized, in another stage works should be implemented for Dolny Hricov –Žilina section and works will be executed for Žilina-Teplicka station and related railway infrastructure in Žilina node, Žilina section – Varin.
The modernisation of the selected lines of the railway infrastructure manager, ŽSR, consists of the reconstruction of the railway transport route in order to increase its level of technical equipment and usability by incorporating the modern and progressive elements, therefore enhancing its parameters. The railway transport route includes the plots, structures and equipment of the railway tracks and buildings (RTB), telecommunication and protection technology (TPT), energy and electro-technical devices (EE) as well as immediate transport management.
The project also includes complex reconstruction of the traction lines for the operating speed of 160 km/h + 30 %.
The contracts for the works at sections Puchov – Povazska Tepla and Dolni Hricov – Zilina sections are already signed. For Púchov – Žilina modernization, Slovakia received European co-financing, through Cohesion Fund, under the programming period 2007-2013.
The construction is expected to be completed in 2021, when the modernized line will allow trains to run at speeds of up to 160 km/h.
The project is part of the Slovakia’s Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure (OPII) for the period 2014-2020.
The project will improve the speed and quality of rail connections in the main transport corridors of Slovakia between Bratislava – Zilina and Zilina – Kosice.

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