Egypt to build its first high-speed railway

Alexandria train station

The State promises to build it within 30 months and the line will be used by passenger and freight trains, as well. Deputy Minister of Transport Amr Shaat said that the ministry set March 15 to submit technical and financial offers for the implementation of the first a high-speed railway in Egypt, on the route from Ain Sokhna to New El Alamein City. This first section of the line will have 12 stations.
The high-speed railway will connect the Mediterranean and the Red Seas.
The Government’s representative also said that a high-speed railway will link Ain Sokhna, the new administrative capital, 6th of October city, Alexandria and the New El Alamein City.
Tariq Abu Al-Wafa, head of the Central Planning Department of the National Authority for Tunnels, said that the Authority is in the process of finalising the feasibility study for the 500 kilometres project. The costs have not been yet revealed.
Abu Al-Wafa added that it is possible to extend the future project to other African countries, including Sudan.
In 2018, the Minister of Transport, Hisham Arafat, said that more than 10 international companies are currently involved in the tender process, but without giving any names.
The project comes within the framework of a new plan to develop Egyptian ports. The plan will be implemented by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, in cooperation with Hamburg port in Germany.
Egypt is also working with China to build a light railway to link Cairo to the new administration capital that is under construction, after signing, in 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding.

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