Egis wins Tel Aviv metro management contract

Tel Aviv metroNTA, the Metropolitan Mass Transit Systems, awarded the consortium of Egis and its local partner Gadish Group a network management contract for Tel Aviv metro system.

Egis is the leader of the Metav consortium which will be in charge of the management of the 3 metro lines and will be serving as the chief consultant of NTA. During the first 18 months, the role of Egis and Gadish as network anager will be to assist NTA in the development and formalizsation of the project’s overall strategy related to the execution stages, scope of work and procurement.

Following the completion, Egis and Gadish will be in charge of the management and implementation of the project at the network level, until its commercial operation. Metav brings massive experience of the two companies delivering complex mega projects and global transit networks. Metav aims at being the trusted partner that Tel Aviv Metropolis needs in such a multifaceted project, to achieve successful delivery. HDR, as a global leading firm, will provide specific complementary international services to the partnership.

The metro project will be the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Israel and will serve Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The new system will have 3 lines with a total lengh of 150 km served by 109 stations. The project includes the construction of four depots EUR 40 billion is the estimated value of the investment.

The 85 km long Line 1 will have 62 stations and two depots and will connec the Northern and Southern municipalities to the center of Tel Aviv.

Line 2 will be 25 km long with 22 stations and one depot connecting the East cities of the metropolitan area to the center of the city. The line is connecting the eastern regions of the metropolis to central and southern city of Tel Aviv. The construction of the line includes an engineering challenge because it crosses the crowded areas in downtown Tel Aviv. The 39 km Line 3 will have 25 stations and one depot and will connect all the metro lines creating an integrated system.

Tel Aviv metro system  will be fully underground and is expected to carry 450 million passengers per year.

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