Durmazlar, winners of the tram auction in Bucharest

The Turkish company Durmazlar won the tender for trams in Bucharest, organized by the Municipality, according to the information obtained exclusively by Railway PRO.

tram auction in Bucharest

The offer declared successful following the application of the award criterion, the best value for money and the associated calculation algorithm as published in the tender notice, is the offer presented by DURMAZLAR MAKINE SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. which was ranked first and obtained a score of 99.61 points as shown in the document “Communication of the results of the award procedure <Purchase of 100 trams> ” in the possession of Railway PRO.

In this auction, Durmazlar competed with the association between Astra Vagoane Calatori Arad (Romania) and CRRC (China).

Astra Vagoane Calatori will contest the tram auction in Bucharest

In the “quality” section, the association Astra Vagoane Calatori – CRRC received 35.90 points from the tender commission, while Durmazlar received 39.61 points. At the “price offer”, the score was 59.85 for Astra and 60 for Durmazlar. In these conditions, the Turkish company had a final score of 99.61, and the Romanian and Chinese association, 95.75. Astra Vagoane Calatori – CRRC association announced that it will contest the results of the auction.

The tender for new trams in Bucharest entered in the financial evaluation stage on September 15th, after the City Hall received the approval for the technical stage. The City Hall of Bucharest (PMB) informed the two participants in the tender, in August, that the tender evaluation period is extended until December 15th, after being blocked for several months during the technical evaluation stage.

PMB published on December 11th, 2018 the announcement for the purchase of 100 trams, with an estimated value of EUR 180 million (RON 845.68 million, excluding VAT).

The contract includes spare parts, consumables, commissioning, maintenance, service and troubleshooting during the warranty period. The winner will also ensure the training of the tram drivers.

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