DfT committed to improve passenger services in the East Midlands

East Midlands railway route The UK Department of Transport signed a multi-year collaboration agreement with Transport for the East Midlands (TfEM) to improve the rail passenger transport services on East Midlands railway route which has been run by East Midlands Railway (EMR) since August 2019.

This will allow local leaders in the East Midlands to have a more influential role in deciding how rail services can support improvements across the region.

The collaboration agreement will last the length of the East Midlands Railways franchise, up to at least 2027, with a 12-month notice period on either side. The department will continue to retain its existing role in monitoring and managing the delivery of the contractual deliverables and benefits and all financial responsibility and accountability for the franchise.

“This bespoke collaboration agreement delivers a railway truly focused on meeting the needs of the passengers who use it. It provides councils and local leaders with a greater voice in the management of the services which matter to them, helping deliver positive long-term changes focused on what passengers want,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said.

Under the terms of collaboration, to ensure passengers see improvements and services work in the best interests of people, the government is jointly funding two local rail officers with TfEM who will work closely with the department and stakeholders. One of the posts will lead stakeholder engagement with the DfT and East Midlands Railway to secure better outcomes for local communities and businesses while the other is a support post to gather, analyse and present performance data to help make the case for improvement and or investment.

This new set up will enhance the department’s management of the East Midlands franchise and provide a mechanism through which councils and local stakeholders can review and address performance issues, positively influence investment decisions in the railway and call for improvements to services along the East Midlands railway route.


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