Deutsche Bahn signs framework agreement on new displays for trains

Deutsche Bahn and Teleste Information Solutions (former Mitron) signed an agreement for the delivery of TFT-LCD displays for trains and stations between 2017 and 2019. The displays will be part of Deutsche Bahn’s Colibri portfolio, which includes basic products, applications and maintenance solutions to make every-day traveling easier and more convenient for passengers.
The modular Colibri portfolio covers all aspects of the rail and public transport experience. It is used by Deutsche Bahn and is available as a product for other rail and transport operators internationally.
Some of the displays for Deutsche Bahn will be touch-screen enabled, so they can bring users to the desired information just at the touch of a finger. The interactive technology will make it possible for operators to provide both passengers and personnel access to information when and where they need it.
Teleste’s Mitron TFT-LCD displays are designed to provide passengers with around-the-clock travel information and other passenger services both onboard and at the stations. They are confirmed to railway standards and are extremely reliable in operation even in demanding conditions.

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